Gear shaper is the machine tool for cutting the teeth of internal or external gears. The name shaper relates to the fact that the cutter engages the part on the forward stroke and pulls away from the part on the return stroke, just like the clapper box on a planer shaper.


The cutting tool is also gear shaped having the same pitch as the gear to be cut. However number of cutting teeth must be less than that of the gear to be cut for internal gears. For external gears the number of teeth on the cutter is limited only by the size of the shaping machine. For larger gears the blank is sometimes gashed to the rough shape to make shaping easier.


  • Workpiece main diameter, mm 800
  • Face width, mm 160
  • Module of gears shapered, mm 1-12
  • Work table diameter, mm 800
  • Taper hole in spindle No. 5 Morse
  • Maximum cutter diameter, mm 200
  • Spindle (cutter) stroke, mm 200
  • Distance from table surface to end of cutter, mm
  1. minimum 155
  2. maximum 355
  • Distance between table and spindle axes, mm
  1. minimum 0
  2. maximum 700
  • Number of spindle double strokes per minute 33-212
  • Table circular feed, mm per spindle double stroke 0,2-1,5
  • Table radial feed, mm per minute 0,5-5,0
  • Table rapid rotation, rpm 1,7
  • Spindle (cutter) rapid (inching) rotation, rpm 3
  • Weight of the machine, tn 10,45


Gear shaper machine 5M150P

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