Workpiece diameter 3150 mm x module 12

Gear Hobbing Machine = Gear Hobber is intended for machining worm wheels (whorm gears) and spur gears.


Gear Hobbing Machine for high precision gears = Master machine is designed for fine cutting wheels (gears) of high precision; manufacturing high precision machined components; dividing wheels, ring gear, worm gear big size of gear milling machines; dividing wheels for faceplate for vertical turret lathe including C axis, positioning of the faceplate; dividing wheels of rotary tables including for table of jig boring machine; worm wheels of other dividing machines and slewing rings of rotational devices as in mining excavators; wheels of astronomical instruments etc.

The distinctive feature of the machine is the cutting of gears of the highest class of accuracy (in accordance with GOST-1643 ISO-1328) used for the production of high accuracy measuring wheels, gearboxes of turbines and turbomachines, metal-cutting machines, also for final finishing of teeth of high-precision worm and spur wheels.


The machine provides the best perfomance of the accuracy of gears:

  1. cumulative pitch deviation (index deviation), total (Fp), µm - 3,1
  2. adjacent pitch difference (fu), µm - 0,5

The features of the machine is the short and rigid kinematic connection, the presence of correcting device in the chain of division, large gear ratio 1:360. The high quality of the materials used for machine parts, and their heat treatment in combination with high precision machining ensure the specified precision for cutting the teeth of the wheel.


  • Maximum diameter of spur or worm wheel hobbed, mm 3150
  • Maximum module of gears hobbed, mm 12
  • Maximum face width of spur gear tooth, mm 400
  • Number of teeth cut 90-1000
  • Maximum hob diameter, mm 320
  • Maximum hob length, mm 400
  • Taper hole in hob spindle No. 6 Morse
  • Distance between table and hob axes, mm
  1. minimum 300
  2. maximum 1500
  • Distance from table surface to hob axis, mm
  1. minimum 450
  2. maximum 950
  • Table diameter, mm 2630
  • Range of feeds, mm per rev. 0,05-1,38
  • Weight of workpiece, kg 10000 (including mass of fixturing elements)
  • Weight of the machine, tn 52

Gear hobbing machine for high precision gears 544M

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