Equipment / Features:

  • Hydraulic work chucking mechanism
  • Standard end-dresser
  • Complete of the changeable gears
  • Complete of the coolant system

Principal specifications:

  • Maximum cone distance (0-degree spiral angle) 285 mm
  • Maximum cone distance (15-degree spiral angle) 350 mm
  • Maximum cone distance (30-degree spiral angle) 420 mm
  • Maximum pitch angle, 90-degree shaft 60 degree minimum pitch angle, 90-degree shaft 0 degree maximum pitch diameter: (90-degree shafts):

0-degree spiral angle, 10:1 ratio 575 mm

0-degree spiral angle, 2:1 ratio 520 mm

0-degree spiral angle, 1:1 ratio 395 mm

15-degree spiral angle, 10:1 ratio 700 mm

15-degree spiral angle, 2:1 ratio 635 mm

15-degree spiral angle, 1:1 ratio 500 mm

30-degree spiral angle, 10:1 ratio 800 mm

30-degree spiral angle, 2:1 ratio 750 mm

30-degree spiral angle, 1:1 ratio 600 mm

  • Coarest diametral pitch (module) 16
  • Maximum face width 125 mm
  • Work spindle thru-hole diameter 240 mm
  • Standard grinding wheel outside diameter 160, 250, 315, 450 mm
  • Maximum workhead offset above/below center 110 mm
  • Distance from machine center to spindle nose 125-600 mm
  • Machine weight 12500 kg

Gear grinder machine for spiral bevel 5A872

Workpiece diameter 800 mm x module 16

Gear grinding is the process of finish grinding gear teeth, and is a critical step when manufacturing high precision gearing. Gears with precision ground teeth run more quietly and wear more evently than gears with cut teeth.


Basically there are 2 methods of gear grinding:

  • form (profile) grinding;
  • generation grinding:
  1. with worm shaped grinding wheel;
  2. with conical wheel;
  3. with 1 or 2 saucer-shaped wheel.


Diversity of grinding methods determines variety of design layouts of gear grinding machines. High precision machining requires from the design of these machine tools construction rigidity, accuracy of rotation and movement of their parts.


Gear grinding machine 5A872 for the production of precision spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears. Generative grinding by cup-shaped wheel uses a grinding wheel with a cup-shaped profile on its circumference whose outer edges meshes with the workpiece gear and are chamfered at an angle equal to the pressure angle of the workpiece gear. The rotating grinding wheel finishes those flank surfaces of the two adjacent teeth to which its outer edges are in contact. The workpiece gear requires indexing to finish all the teeth.


We upgrade STANKO gear grinding machines based on SIEMENS or FANUC CNC decisions to provide perfect quality and simple service of the machines.


Gear grinding machine 5A872 suitable for the grinding of spiral bevel, zerol bevel, and hypoid gears up to 800 mm pitch diameter at 10:1 ratio, 125 mm face with and 16 module.

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