Recently, the need for more silent, powerful and at the same time economical gears of all types and sizes is growing. A significant proportion of gears constitute bevel gears with circular tooth line. Hypoid gearings are used in power transmission products that are more efficient than conventional worm gearing. They are considerably stronger and have more capacity in that any load is conveyed through multiple teeth simultaneously. By contrast, bevel gears are loaded through one tooth at time. The multiple contacts of hypoid gearing, with proper lubrication, can be nearly silent, as well. They are widely used in vehicle transmissions, shipbuilding, metallurgical equipment, construction and crushing equipment and other industrial sector using large modular bevel gears especially with helical teeth.


Spiral bevel gear generator 5A284 is used to produce of hypoid gears, spiral bevel gears, zerol conical gears with maximum outside diameter of 1600 mm and maximum modul of 30 Machining is performed by face-type gear cutter head, using the methods of generation and approach cutting. Model 5A284 have very high accuracy, the machine ensures class 7 or more depending on the cut format adopted. As option machine can be equipped SIEMENS Simatic S7-300 control system, SIMODRIVE 611U Drive.


Technical and operational features


Machining cycle is carried out automatically. The feed in generation or approach cutting is provuded by one electric drive. The permanent fast approach speed does not depend on the duration of the cycle. The adjustment motions of mobile units are power-driven. The semi-automatic machine-tool serves many purposes, it is easily readjustable from one workpiece to another.


Hypoid gears are typically found within the differential (rear axle) of automobiles, but also for heavy engineery products in crusher, in mining equipment, gearboxes, reducer, oil field rotaries, coal pulverizers, rock crushers, paper pulpers, cement separators, cooling tower drivers, pump drives, steel mill roll drives, bow thrusters etc. The gear arrangement allows the translation of torque ninety degrees. Hypoid gears are similar to spiral bevel gears except that the shaft center lines do not intersect. Hypoid gears combine the rolling action and high tooth pressure of spiral bevels with the sliding action of worm gears. This combination and the all-steel construction of the drive and driven gear result in a gear set with special lubrication requirements, including oiliness and anti-weld additives to withstand the high tooth pressures and high rubbing speeds.


Spiral bevel gear have a helical angle spiral teeth.


  • Wheel outside diameter, mm 1600
  • Module, mm 30
  • Number of teeth 10-150
  • Diameter of gear cutting heads, mm 450, 500, 630, 800, 1000
  • Face width, mm 250
  • Tooth spiral, mm 150-800
  • Spiral angle, deg 5-45
  • Whole depth, mm 60
  • Craddle moving, mm (max) 260
  • Diameter of tapered hole in workhead spindle, mm 200
  • Distance between workhead spindle face and machine centre, mm 400-1150
  • Maximum radial offset cutter spindle, mm (max) 640
  • Speed of tool spindle rotation, rpm 8-62
  • Time to generate one tooth, min 0.4-21
  • Machine root angle, deg 5-90
  • Positioning root angle, mm 0.02
  • Rating of primary motion electric motor, kW 15
  • Electric power-supply (rated capacity), kVA 36
  • Machine weight, kg 43900

Bevel gear generator 5A284

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