Vertical lathe KU-208,

turning diameter 630"

Vertical lathe KU-208 is mobile, quick installation, universal heavy duty double column vertical boring mill can turn inner and external cylindrical, conic, flat surface, and it is also suitable for rough and finish machining of the workpieces which are made of iron, steel and non-ferrous metal.

The сonfiguration of vertical lathe model KU-208 allows processing workpieces up to 16000 mm in diameter when the portal is placed on the machine table. The processing height is changed by setting the spacers. The machine rail (traverse) is fixed at a certain height.

The machine is intended for repair shops of large metallurgical enterprises but can also be used in other industries of heavy engineering.

Manufacturer: KOLOMNA

  • Turning diameter, mm (inch):
  1. on the table 7000 (276");
  2. on the floor plates 16000 (630")
  • Table diameter, mm (inch) 5600 (220.1")
  • Max. turning height (with spacers), mm (inch) 5000 (197")
  • Workpiece weight, kg (lb.) 80000 (176400)
  • Number of toolheads 2
  • Toolhead turning, deg. -15 +40
  • Vertical ram stroke, mm (inch) 1250 (49.2")
  • Horizontal stroke of toolhead, mm (inch) 6500 (256")
  • Cutting force on supports common, kN 98
  • Distance between table and rail min, mm (inch) 1250 (49.2")
  • Speed range of the table, RPM
  1. with workpiece 0.315-29
  2. with portal 0.315-5
  • Rapid travel (for ram), m/min 2.5
  • Main motor power, kW 125
  • Overall dimension floorspace for machine, mm (inch)
  1. diameter, with a rotating portal 17500 (689")
  2. max. height 9500 (374")
  • Machine weight, kg 206000

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