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Heavy duty plano milling machines

Planing machines are used for machining of horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces, and their combinations of various profiles.
Milling or planing machines to mill, plane, shape, groove, or profile metal or plastic work pieces.
Plano milling machines are identical to planing machines, but for treatment used milling heads.
Plano milling and boring machines are mostly widespread. They are equipped with several milling heads which enable five-sided machining of workpieces without their remounting. 


TypeTable size, mm Workpiece height, mm Workpiece weight, kgMachine weight, kg
7110universal plano milling machine3000 x 900900450027400
7212Gcombined plano milling machine4000 x 11201070800040200
NS-3planer12420 x 3200
7289planer15000 x 50004000200000365000
6M610 DROportal milling / drilling / boring machine3150 x 1000800800041500
6620Uportal milling / drilling / boring machine6300 x 2000200050000118800
NEWTONportal milling / drilling / boring machine6700 x 142016004500075000
6625portal milling-drilling-boring machine8000 x 2500200065000136100
6672portal milling / drilling / boring machine8500 x 2500250035000152000
6682portal milling / drilling / boring machine12000 x 36002600120000320000
6650portal milling / drilling / boring machine16000 x 50004000200000750000
NS-32portal milling / drilling / boring machine20000 x 50004000200000485000
MPN-8portal machine for board6000 x 2500350-33000
7808edge planing machine8000 x 2000
workpiece size
TypeTable size, mm Workpiece height, mm Workpiece weight, kgMachine weight, kg