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Gear Shaping Machines

Gear shaping machines are used to cut cylindrical gear rims, closely spaced rims of segment gears, internal gears and herringbone gears.


Depending on a way of gear machining, gear shaping machines can be divided into those which work by a generating method and those which use a copying method. Machines of the first group feature disk, deep counterbore and taper shank shaper cutters; machines of the second group have multicutter heads for internal and external gears.


Modern gear shaping machines are built either with mechanical or with CNC linkage between working parts.

ModelWorkpiece diameter, mmModule, mmMachine weight, kg
5140 50084200
5M150 CNC8001210000
5M161P 12501210650
Machines archive
ModelWorkpiece diameter, mmModule, mmMachine weight, kg
5122V 2004,54400