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Horizontal boring mill machine

A horizontal boring machine has its work spindle parallel to the ground and work table. Typically there are three linear axes in which the tool head and part move. Convention dictates that the main axis that drives the part towards the work spindle or conversely is the Z axis, with a cross-traversing X axis and a vertically traversing Y axis. The work spindle is referred to as the C axis and, if a rotary table, its centre line is the B axis. The layout of the machine differs based on the type of application needed. Boring works almost identically to turning, and can perform the same cutting processes. While many boring machines look complex, the machine movement is actually very simple. The spindle stock is mounted on ways that may themselves be able to move along other axes.
For instance, horizontal boring mills may be floor-type, bed-type, or ram-type. The shape of the part will determine whether a vertical or horizontal mill should be used.
Horizontal boring machines are often heavy-duty industrial machines used for roughing out large components, but there are high-precision models too. Modern machines use advanced computer numerical control CNC systems and techniques.
Horizontal boring mills are more versatile since, while the work envelope is limited, the part itself may extend beyond the envelope. When a new section of the part needs to be worked, it can simply be moved along the table into the work envelope. On a horizontal boring mill, the workpiece is stationary and the spindle moves.
ModelSpindle diameter, mmTable size, mmMachine weight, kg
UNION BFKP-130 CNC1302000 x 160029000
LUCAS PRECISION 40T152.44013.2 x 152438600
SKODA W200HC2002000 x 200084100
SKODA W200A2002000 x 200086200
2B6602206000 x 2000155000
RT401Deep Hole Boring and Drilling Machine
diameter of the hole 300 mm
length of deep hole 3000 mm
Machines archive
ModelSpindle diameter, mmTable size, mmMachine weight, kg
2E656R1602500 x 200052000
WD1601602000 x 200068000
WD2002002000 x 200086000
NS-212 CNC22012000 x 5000300000