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Table Type Boring and Milling Machines

Table type horizontal boring machines have a telescopic spindle, a spindle head sliding up and down a headstock column, built - in cross and longitudinally-sliding rotary table. They may or may not be equipped with a backrest movable along the axis with a travelling rest to hold long cutting bars. The construction of these machine tools permits milling with table rotary feed. A removable faceplate which is available as an extra charge option, makes facing and deep hole boring operations possible.

Machine tools with table width 800-2000 mm and telescopic spindle diameter 80-160 mm are used for body parts machining in single-piece and small-scale manufacturing; when equipped with NC systems, mass production is possible.  

Table type horizontal boring machines can perform drilling, hole enlarging, boring and reaming, facing, milling and thread cutting.

ModelSpindle diameter, mmTable size, mmMachine weight, kg
UNION BFT90/3901120 x 10008350
2620V901250 x 112012500
2636G DRO1251800 x 160032500
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ModelSpindle diameter, mmTable size, mmMachine weight, kg