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Press-forging equipment
Hydraulic forging press P4658


Press nominal force, tn10000
Rated force exerted by the cross-piece, tn:
1st stage10000
2st stage7000
3st stage3500
Distance between table working surface and movable cross-beam, mm3500
Movable cross-beam stroke, mm1600
Table dimensions, mm6500 x 4000
Weight of the press, tn1607


Condition: perfect, fully in complete

Hydraulic presses are commonly used for forging, clinching, moulding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and metal forming operations. With the growth and importance of light-weighting in the aerospace and automotive industry, more applications are present in Thermoplastics, Composites, SMC Sheet Molded Composites, RTM Resin Transfer Molding, GMT Glass Mat Transfer and Carbon Fiber Molding. All of these applications require precise control and repeat-ability.

Working fluid - water with emulsol

The presence of cushion - yes