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Gear Hobbing Machine
Gear hobbing machine 53C20 CNC


Max. workpiece diameter, mm200-255
Max. module4
Radial travel X-axis, mm110
Max. helix angle A-axis, deg+ - 45
Hob spindle B-axis, rpm80-500
Table C-axis, rpm50
Vertical work range Z-axis, mm250
Center stroke range, mm25-200
Table diameter, mm200
Taper of spindle nose, MT#4
Max. hob size diameter, mm125
Max. hob shift travel Y-axis, mm120
Max. torque on the spindle, Nm170
Main motor power, kW5.5
Machine weight, kg4300

Manufacturer: STANKO


Gear hobbing machine 53C20 is intended to cut spur and helical gears, worm wheels, sprockets, and short spline shafts in jobbing, small or batch production. It is characterized by good rigidity, high working accuracy, easy operation, and simple setup procedure. Machining diameter till 255 mm Module 4 

CNC - programmable controller S7-300 manufactured by SIEMENS with FM 357-2LX positioning module for four synchronously operating axes