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Press-forging equipment
Hydraulic sheet-stamping press P233A


Rated force exerted by the cross-piece, kN:
1st stage2500
2st stage5000
3st stage8000
Rated force of clamping cross-piece, kN:
1st stage2500
2st stage5000
Rated force of hydraulic cushion, kN2500
Motion ofthe cross-piece (drawing and clamping), mm1700
Maximum distance between the table and the drawing cross-piece, mm2600
Dimensions of the table, mm2650 x 2650
Speed of the cross-piece in double-action and single-action presses, mm/s:
idle run200
working stroke for double action32
working stroke for single action10
Rated pressure, MPa20
Total installed power of all electric motors, kW299.5
Dimensions of the press, mm:
height above the floor level7730

Manufaсturer http://www.tkpo.ryazan.ru


The press is used to carry out the operations of drawing, hot and cold forming when workpieces such as bottoms, tanks, reservoirs, boilers are manufactured.


It is double-action, vertical, four-arm, presses, with pull-out table and hydraulic cushion