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Grinding Machines
Roll grinder 3415E


diameter of workpiece, mm200-1000
length of workpiece, mm4500
weight of workpiece max., tn40
diameter of grinding wheel, mm450-900
width of grinding wheel max, mm100
moving of grinding wheel max, mm550
table moving, mm4500
distance between grinding wheel and center line of workpiece, mm310-860
diameter of workpiece in two steady rests, mm170-500
motor drive headstock, kW32
motor drive grinding spindle, kW32
coolant, l/min180
weight of machine, tn60

The 3415E roll grinding machine is designed for external grinding of cylindrical, conical, convex and concave surfaces of rolls of rolling mills of the metallurgical industry with diameter of up to 1000 mm and maximum length 4500 mm

The machine can perform the following operations:

- grinding of cylindrical necks;

- grinding conical necks;

- grinding the roll body having cylindrical surface;

- grinding of the roll barrel with concave surface