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Vertical Turning Lathes (VTLs)
Vertical Lathe SC27, turning diameter 104"


Turning diameter, mm (in)2700 (106")
Faceplate diameter, mm (in)2500 (99")
Turning height, mm (in)1900 (75")
Turning via side slide, mm (in)2300 (91")
Workpiece weight, kg18000
Vertical ram stroke right slide with turret, mm (in)760 (30")
Vertical ram stroke left slide, mm (in)1200 (47.24")
Corner of supports turn, deg.35
Tool size (turret) ID, mm (in)80H7
Side slide travel (vertical), mm (in)1830 (72")
Side slide travel (ram - horizontal), mm (in)900 (35.4")
Travel cross rail, mm (in)1600 (63")
Faceplate speed, RPM1.24-112
Rapid travel (for supports), m/min2.5
Rapid travel (for cross rail), m/min 0.4
Main drive power, kW55
Machine weight, kg38850
Manufacturer: TITAN
Condition: TOP, excellent, slightly used. Positioning of the cutting tool carried by coordinates on control panel
Machine is equipped with position control device and modern drives Yaskawa, Japan, measuring sensors OMRON
Machine is used for variety of turning and boring work:
- turning of cylindrical and conical surfaces;
- boring;
- facing;
- chamfering;
- cutoff;
- processing of parts with curved surface (jointly coordinated by two axes)
The machine is used for processing of metal and non-metal materials with high precision and the constant cutting speed
Given the ease and simplicity of the service machine has high resource efficiency
The machine equipped with side slide - that expands its ability and makes it more flexible