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Press-forging equipment
Hot forging press KB8544


Nominal capacity, tons2500
Slider stroke, mm350
Number of continuous stroke, min-170
Number of single engagements, min-120
Die height, mm1000
Adjustment, mm10
Table size, mm 1400 x 1280
Slider size, mm 1150 x 1090
Main motor power, kW110
Automatic feed unityes
Press weight, tons185
Manufacturer: TMP Voronezh
Condition: TOP, excellent, working
Description: Designed for production of forgings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals
High-performance modern press-machine
High accuracy of produced forgings
High rigidity of the press
Long term operation of the eccentric shaft bearings and connecting rods with optimal clearances 
- centralized self-contained lubrication system of all main bearings of crank connecting rod mechanizm provides dosed lubrication at each lubricated point
- eccentric shaft is free from the weight of clutch and fly wheel or gear point
- dynamic system of moving mass counter balancing
Quick change and convenient die setting
Quick elimination of the press stalling
Automatic means possibilities
Effective control and diagnosis