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Horizontal boring mill machine
Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine 2B660


Spindle diameter, mm220
Faceplate diameter, mm1150
Spindle speed, min-11-510
Faceplate speed, min-11-135
Largest diameter of processing by radial toolholder of faceplate in stationary position of spindle, mm1800
Largest depth of processing by radial toolholder of faceplate600
X axis (column), mm6000
Y axis (headstock), mm3000
Z axis (spindle), mm1800
W axis (column, transversely), mm600
Main motor power, kW55
Metric threading, pitch in mm1-20
Inch threading, threads per inch3-20
Machine weight, tn145000

Manufacturer: STANKO
Condition: excellent, corresponds of the passport norms of accuracy, can be checked under power, few exploited

Equipped with: floor plate, faceplate

General description: Machine make following operations drilling, boring, hole enlarging, reaming, interpolation, facing with facing slide, slot and surface milling 
Size of monting floorplate 6000 x 2000 mm, load 150 tn., weight 10 tn
Rotary table model SKODA E20 size 2000 x 2000 mm, load 20 tn., weight 9,35 tn