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Vertical Turning Lathes (VTLs)
Vertical lathe 16 K-DS CNC, turning diameter 63"


Turning diameter, mm1600
Faceplate diameter, mm (two pc.)1120 + 1600
Turning height, mm1600
Workpiece weight, kg8000
Faceplate speed, rpm0,005-250
Vertical stroke of vertical tool slide ram, mm1000
Horizontal stroke of side tool slide, mm995
Cross section of tool slide, mm250x210
System of toolsWSD400
Cross section of shank, mm40x40
Crossrail travel, mm1100
Horizontal travel of spheres processing unit, mm1000
Max. work height above faceplate top (lathe work), mm1600
Max. dia. of turning and machining (machining of spheres), mm1200
Max. work height above faceplate top (machining of spheres), mm1130

Manufacturer: SCHIESS FRORIEP 

Condition: vertical lathe 16 K-DS in perfect condition. Available video in working condition. 

In addition to common (standarts) functions - vertical lathe can make sphere (example - ball valves, gate etc) by using additional head. CNC Siemens. Additional accessory - faceplate diameter 1600 mm. The vertical lathe can be tested on compliance accuracy norms.

Technical documentation – fully complete


Video in working condition - https://plus.google.com/u/0/103240630766461901603/posts