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Table Type Boring and Milling Machines
Boring and Milling machine 2636G DRO


Spindle diameter, mm125
Taper50 AT5
Table size, mm1600 x 1800
Workpiece weight, kg8000
Live spindle travel, mm1000
Facing slide travel, mm200
Spindle head travel, mm1400
Table cross travel, mm1600
Table longitudinal travel, mm1000
Spindle speed, rpm6,3-1000
Faceplate speed, rpm4-200
Spindle torque, Nm5500
Faceplate torque, kg/m650
Live spindle feed range, mm/min1,6-1600
Facing slide feed range, mm/min0,63-630
Table feed range, mm/min1-1000
Spindle head feed range, mm/min1-1000
Metric therading, pich in mm1-10
Inch threading, threads per inch4-20
Main motor power, kW19
Overall dimesions, mm7780x5230x4575
Machine weight, kg32500

Manufacturer: STANKO

Condition: Boring and milling machine model 2636G is equipped with a faceplate, a bracket to install workpiece vertically, mills and drills. The machine has not practically been used, so the mechanical part is in exellent condition. The electrical part is complete but is outdated. The motors are in working condition and are considered to be modern. The spindle very good quality, without scratches.

General description: Boring and milling machine model 2636G and similar patterns production of STANKO are semi-automatic horizontal boring machines with fixed headstock column and built-in rotary table is used for complex mechanical machining of body parts.

The following operations are performed on it: drilling, core drilling, boring, hole reaming, surface milling, slot milling at table rotary feed, face internal grinding, large boring with facing slide, threading with live spindle.

- consistency of diameter in cross section 0,020 mm per length 300 mm
- consistency of diameter in longitudinal section 0,030 mm per length 300 mm
- evenness of end surface 0,030 mm per length 500 mm
- perpendicularity of central hole axis to machined end surface 0,025 mm per length 300 mm
- parallelity of central hole axis 0,030 mm per length 300 mm
- surface finish Ra 2,5