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Vertical Turning Lathes (VTLs)
Vertical Lathe 1525, turning diameter 99"


Turning diameter, mm2500
Faceplate diameter, mm2250
Turning height, mm1600
Workpiece weight, kg13000
Vertical ram stroke, mm1200
Cutting force right carriage, kN41.7
Cutting force left carriage, kN32.9
Faceplate speed, RPM1.6-110
Main drive power, kW55
Overall dimensions, mm5065x5240x4910
Machine weight, kg35500
Torno vertical modelSTANKO 1525
Diámetro orneado99"
Diámetro del plato88"
Altura torneado63"
Peso sobre plato, kg13000
Velocidades, R.P.M.1.6-110
Potencia motriz principal, KW55
Peso máquina, kg35500
Manufacturer: Sedin, STANKO
Condition: excellent

On machine can make turning machining of large parts such as flanges, tube plates, shells, caps, bottoms, as well as assembly units, produced by casting, forging or by welding diameter up to Ø 2500 mm. (98.4 inch) from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and also from of polymetals and plastic.

The machines can perform the following operations:

  • external turning and boring of cylindrical, conical and curvilinear surfaces with high accuracy;
  • threading of various profiles - metric, pipe, trapezoidal and other types;
  • processing of end surfaces with constant cutting speed;
  • slotting and parting;
  • drilling, countersinking and reaming of center holes;
  • machine acceptable for machining of titanium alloys, super alloys, stainless steels or forged, annealed/aged metals.
Given the ease and simplicity of the service machine has high resource efficiency
Turning height, mm1600 / 2000 / 2200 optional

Workpiece weight, kg 13000

X-axis (ram head), mm 1600

Z-axis (ram), mm 1200

W-axis (cross rail), mm 1240 / 1640 optional

Optional C-axis, automatic tool changer, milling head, chip conveyer