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Press-forging equipment
Hot forging press LKM4000 SMERAL


Rated force, tons4000
Table size, mm 1600 x 1120
Slider travel, mm400
Slider size, mm 1320 x 1320
Maximum distance from slide to table, mm1400
Frequency of continuous travels of slider, min50
Main motor power, kW225
Press weight, tons280

Manufacturer: SMERAL

Condition: working
Description: Used hot forging press LKM4000 intended for production of forgings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals by hot forging, stamping and calibration forgings. Closed-die forging press model LKM4000 can produce forging parts of various configurations and appointments for cars, tractors, agricultural machinery and other equipment and products like cams, connecting rods, gears, crankshafts, etc...