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Heavy Duty Lathes
Heavy duty lathe model 1A670 diameter 78.7" x length 630"


Turning diameter over bed, mm2000
Turning diameter over cross-slide, mm1600
Workpiece length, mm16000
Workpiece weight in centers, kg63000
Spindle speed per minute1-120
Diameter of tailstock quill, mm400
The highest torque on the spindle, Nm127000
DC main drive power, kW100 (300-1500 rpm)
Machine overall dimensions, mm24000x4300x2850
Machine weight, kg118000

Manufacturer - Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Tool Building Works (KZTS), Kramatorsk

Condition: working, can inspected under power; complete with 2 carriage, 4 steady rests.

General description: Heavy duty and unique metal cutting machines made by KZTS have received recognition of domestic and foreign customers. Positive reviews of big engineering and other enterprises prove that.

This equipment has obvious advantages over foreign counterparts, such as:

- Rigidity of the structure, which provides high accuracy and performance;

- Easy maintenance – the machines are universal; lathe operators and workers who work on this equipment master control system easily (at the same time, the modern tendency to install CNC allows to easily modernize the equipment according to standard modernization projects);

- High reliability;

- Reasonable price allowing covering the cost of the equipment within one year from its commissioning.

Heavy-duty lathes are designed for a variety of turning operations: turning, boring, cutting of cylindrical surfaces, cutting, radius and edge turning, metric and inch threading, turning of conical surfaces.

These machines allow using capabilities of modern cutting tools.
The lathes are highly productive; removal of chip with cross section from 60 to 120 mm2 is achieved during rough machining.

The machine can be used in finishing operations, since there are no special finishing machines of suitable size and they can perform finishing with high accuracy.