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Horizontal boring mill machine
Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine 2E656R


Spindle diameter, mm160
Table size, mm2000 x 2500
Workpiece weight on rotary table, kg12000
Spindle travel, mm1250
Spindle head travel, mm2000
Headstock column travel, mm3200
Table travel, mm1000
Travel of back rest steady, mm1850
Travel of back rest cross-slide, mm1000
Travel of faceplate slide, mm200
Spindle speed, rpm7,5-900
Faceplate speed, rpm7,5-190
Feed of headstock column spindle head, mm/min1-750
Feed of table, faceplate slide and spindle, mm/min2-150
Headstock column rapid traverse, mm/min2500
Spindle head rapid traverse, mm/min2500
Spindle rapid traverse, mm/min3000
Faceplate slide rapid traverse, mm/min1100
Back rest steady and table rapid traverse, mm/min1500
Table rapid traverse, mm/min2500
Boring diameter with spindle, mm400
Boring diameter with faceplate slide, mm700
Metric threading, pitch in mm1-20
Inch threading, threads per inch3-20
Workpiece weight on plate, kg150000
Workpiece weight on table, kg12000
Main motor power, kW18,5
Overall dimensions, mm11500x8100x6000
Machine weight, kg52000

Manufacturer: Machine Tool Plant n.a. Sverdlov

Condition: excellent; with faceplate and rotary table  

General description: The machine may be used for drilling, boring, countersinking, reaming, facing with the radial tool slide of the detachable faceplate, milling with end mills and threading with boring spindle.

The machine model 2E656R features a cross traversing column, stationary plate, adjustable longitudinally movable table, live spindle 160 mm in diameter, adjustable faceplate with facing slide.

Machining of end surfaces and large boring is possible with adjustable faceplate.

Spindle unit is equipped with precision antifriction bearings. Nitrided spindle has high surface hardness and long-lasting precision.

Spindle head and cross slide of headstock column are fixed automatically with electromechanical clamps after stop.

Feed drive is independent from SCR-DC motors.

Speed range of servo motors I...2500 greatly expands operating capacities of the machine.

Operation is remote from control panel on spindle head and from portable panel.

Productivity of the machine is 1,5-3 times higher than that of universal machines.

Accuracy of machining:

consistency of diameter in cross and logitudinal sections 0,03 mm per length 300 mm
evenness of end surface 0,03 mm per length 500 mm
alignment of central hole axis to machined end surface 0,025 mm per length 300 mm
parallelity of central hole axis 0,03 mm per length 300 mm
surface finish Ra 2,5-1,25 
Application: single-item and serial production.